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Q. I am looking for a hydration system that I can use during time trials

Q. I am looking for a hydration system that I can use during time trials, ideally one that only holds fluid and has no cargo space, so that I can fit it under my skin suit. I realise there are different aero bottles available but I find them awkward to use when in the'tucked'position. Have you any suggestions please?

James Purton

A. As you talk about fitting it under your skinsuit James, I suggest using a bladder from one of the hydration system manufacturers like Camelbak, Blackburn or Deuter. A 1,000-2,000ml bladder will be around £15 to £20. If you use a heart rate monitor you can drop the bladder down your back and beneath the strap for super secure placement.

As your torso is flat or close to it, a skinsuit and the tube that you drink from will all help to keep it in place.

If you're handy with needle and thread you could even try sewing an internal bladder pocket into your suit. Be sure not to drop a frozen bladder onto bare skin and practise drinking regularly and a set amount of sips, as you cannot see how much has gone and how much is left to drink.

The one advantage you do get, and the reason the UCI banned them, is that they make you aerodynamic, require little change in position or power when drinking. On the downside they cannot be changed on ultra long TTs.

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