Five Ten Impact Pro flat-pedal shoes review$240.00

Flat pedal grip and support in a lighter weight package

BikeRadar score4.5/5

While other brands have come close, none has yet matched the glue-like stickiness of Five Ten’s ‘Stealth S1’ rubber. Our main criticism of the older Impact models was always their clumpy size and weight, and the slimline VXi version that followed was plagued by durability issues. Now though, Adidas’s outdoor subsidiary seem to have got it right, with the Impact Pros.

A reinforced toe cap and abrasion-resistant outer provide ample protection, and the midsole is supportive but not so stiff that you lose pedal feel.

The padding has been slimmed down considerably, so not only do these look less like corrective footwear, but they dry quicker after a soaking. This contributes to a reasonable weight of 1,100g (pair, EU43).

There’s enough padding around the heel to hold your foot in place, but because the internal volume is still quite big and the outsole — with its new ‘multi-dotty’ pattern — locks so solidly onto the pedals, there are instances when you can feel your foot shifting from side to side slightly.

The addition of a Velcro lace strap or Boa closure to improve the snugness of the fit would be welcome.

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