Specialized 2FO Flat 1.0 shoes review$160.00

Grippy MTB shoes for the trail

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Specialized’s 2FO 1.0s may cost £30 less than the more downhill-orientated, better-protected 2.0 version but they still manage to pack one hell of a punch on the trail.

This is, in part at least, thanks to the impressively grippy ‘SlipNot 2.0’ rubber compound and revised lug pattern used on the sole, which elevates the latest crop of 2FOs above and beyond Specialized’s original attempt at a flat pedal shoe.

While they don’t feel as ‘stuck fast’ as their Five Ten counterparts, traction on the pedals is still seriously good.

The 1.0s offer a little more arch support than the 2.0s but don’t feel quite as well cushioned through the sole. I didn’t suffer any discomfort on rougher trails or longer slogs, but they’re not quite as comfy off the bike.

On muddy rides I really appreciated the neoprene bootie, which has pull loops to make it easier to get the shoe on and hugs the ankle and upper foot snugly. It does a fine job of keeping out much of the flying grime and debris that would otherwise find its way inside.

The smooth, thermobonded upper shrugs off splashes reasonably well too, but still breathes enough to prevent you overheating. And when the 1.0s do get a proper soaking, they don’t suck water up like a sponge and they dry relatively quickly too.

The relatively slender profile of the 2FO 1.0s means less crank and chainstay rub compared to some of the bulkier options on the market. At 692g (pair, size 43), they’re also light.

Rob Weaver

Technical Editor-in-Chief, UK
Rob started riding mountain bikes seriously in 1993 racing cross-country, though he quickly moved to downhill where he competed all over the world. He now spends most of his time riding trail bikes up and down hills. Occasionally he'll jump into an enduro race.
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 172cm / 5'8"
  • Weight: 68kg / 150lb
  • Discipline: Mountain
  • Preferred Terrain: Natural trails where the loam fills my shoes on each and every turn
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