Best of Red Bull Rampage - five incredible videos

Insane moves, and the odd crash or two…

Heard of Red Bull Rampage? No? Well if jaw-dropping downhill, slopestyle and freeride MTB antics are your thing then the dusty canyons of Utah are where you want to look this week.

It runs from 15-17 October and features some of the best mountain bike riders in the world, all competing for glory in front of a baying crowd dotting the clifftops near Zion National Park, whooping and a-hollering. 

This year marks the 10th edition, and we thought we’d take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in Red Bull Rampage history…

The biggest front flip in MTB history

Tom van steenbergen attempts a 72ft backflip

Last year Tom van Steenbergen attempted something that had never been done before at the Red Bell Rampage – a 72ft front flip across a canyon. At this point you’re probably imagining that scene in The Simpsons where Homer leaps across Springfield Gorge on a skateboard, but in truth he so nearly landed it…

Gee Atherton comes a cropper off a big step down

Gee atherton comes a cropper off a big step down

The Atherton siblings are a regular sight at Red Bull events, with reigning downhill MTB world champ Rachel recently leading the Foxhunt on Scotland’s Pentland Hills. Back in 2012, her elder brother Gee (a former downhill world champ himself) suffered quite a nasty crash when trying to pick a new line at the Rampage…

Andreu Lacondeguy and Graham Agassiz land 76ft cliff drops

Two red bull riders land 76ft cliff drops at rampage

During practice for last year’s Rampage, Red Bull riders Agassiz and Lacondeguy egged each other on to land a gigantic step-down that pushed them both well beyond their comfort zones. The nerves were palpable for both athletes, as you can see in the video above.

Cam Zink pulls a massive 360 off a giant mountain cliff

Cam zink lands a 360 at red bull rampage

Want to see what it takes to earn the Best Trick award? Take a look at this – a 360 down a massive drop (30-40ft) in the middle of Cam Zink’s run at last year’s Rampage.

Randy Spangler gets hit by lightning – twice

Rampage veteran Randy Spangler has attended every event so far, competing in the first few and now serving on both the official build team and also the judging panel. Back in 2012, Spangler was three weeks into the build and wielding his pick when a bolt from the blue turned him… well, blue.

Cam Zink’s Sender backflip

Cam zink's massive sender backflip

OK, time for one massive backflip – at Rampage 2013, when Zink landed this incredible move off the top level of the Oakley Icon Sender ramps.

Want more? Head to the Red Bull Rampage website here.

Jamie Beach

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