Over to you: What's the best new road bike technology?

Electronic drivetrains, disc brakes, thru-axles? What do you think?

In this week's Over to you, we want to know your thoughts on what's been the best new road bike technology in the last 10 years?

History and tradition's veritable stranglehold on road bikes is finally falling to the wayside. Advances in technology and manufacturing processes, along with the road bike's continuously evolving mountain bike cousins, have shed light on what's possible to advance performance on the tarmac.

Is it something that increases a road bike's ability or perhaps your own, such as the ability to run larger tire sizes?

The past decade has seen some major advances in road bike technology, with impressive electronic drivetrains from Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano, hydraulic disc brakes, and thru-axles both on frames and forks. Not to mention featherweight carbon frames becoming more and more mainstream.

Other upgrades in technology, like press-fit bottom brackets and even electric motors, have received mixed results, to put it very lightly. 

Is it something that increases a road bike's ability or perhaps your own, such as the ability to run larger tire sizes, relaxed geometry found on new endurance bikes, or perhaps something that allows you to ride smarter like power meters that allow for more specific training? Or is it something simple like tapered steerer tubes or additional gears that makes the best road bike advancement? 

So over to you… What road bike advances truly provide speed, endurance, control or simply make you want to get out and ride? Are you an early, eager adopter or a reluctant skeptic? Any thoughts on what will be the next latest, greatest advancement? Let us know in the comments below…

Russell Eich

Tech Writer, US
Russell fell head over heels in love with bikes in the '90s, and has been involved in the bike industry ever since. Between wrenching in bike shops, guiding professionally, and writing about bikes, Russell has honed an appreciation for what works, gained knowledge of what doesn't, and can barely contain his enthusiasm for what comes next. His two-wheeled passion continues in the Rocky Mountains high above Boulder, Colorado.
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  • Beer of Choice: Gin + Tonic
  • Location: Rollinsville, CO, USA

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