How I cycled away 55kg!

A shock revelation in the menswear department sent Keith Jardine off pedalling and he’s never looked back...

Back in 2011, Keith Jardine, 43, had a bit of a shock while out shopping that sent him on the road to losing 55kg. He chats to us about his experience and how cycling changed his life.

What was life like before the bike?   

“I’d piled on the pounds over the years, although the effects didn’t really register until I went to buy some jeans back in Christmas 2011 and discovered I’d become a 44in waist.”

How did cycling change your life? 

“I’d never really cycled before in my life. A friend suggested that we go to spin class. I enjoyed it but initially I suffered from sore feet on the pedals so I got some proper cycling shoes.

"The following Christmas I got a Fat Lad At The Back cycling jersey and went road riding on my new bike, clipped-in for the first time. I crashed, but I was hooked.”  

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What’s your riding routine now?

“I was soon riding 25km, with my partner as team support in the car. Today I ride my Specialized Allez four week days and over the weekend with Peebles Cycling Club.

"I have completed my first time trial season, cycled round the north of Skye and finished the Fat Lad At The Back 75 mile sportive in Yorkshire.

"Last year I rode 9,000km, with an average week being around 200km.” 

Any tips for those you’re inspiring?

“I drastically reduced my alcohol intake. I tend to have six months where I can have a drink and then spend six months where I’m teetotal.

“I would recommend getting a professional bike fit; it’s really worth the money and allows you to focus on the important stuff like climbing hills! I also recently bought a smart turbo trainer, which allows me to cycle at night, using the riding/training app Zwift, during the winter. I also swim and do yoga.

“I feel so much better, I’m nine stone lighter and most of the time I’m buying cycling gear, and when I am not on the bike I’m thinking about riding!”

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