How to set up suspension sag

Rob Weaver takes you through the steps

Setting up the sag on your front and rear suspension is an important step in getting the suspension on your mountain bike right.

Sag is the amount your suspension compresses under your weight (i.e standing in a central riding position on the bike in full riding kit).

That's why we asked our mountain bike tech expert Rob Weaver to take you through the main steps you need to know. In the video below, he outlines what you'll need, how to check the sag and how to adjust it – for both the front and rear shock.

How to setup front and rear mtb suspension

To get the job done accurately, the calculations below give you the tools you need.


Fork sag percentage calculation - measurement from the fork seal to the o-ring/cable tie (basically it's displacement or sag) on stanchion divided by the total fork stroke (amount of travel, not seal to crown measurement) multiplied by 100 will give you the sag percentage.

Shock sag percentage calculation - You'll need to measure the shock's eye to eye length, then weight the bike with full riding kit on and get someone to get measure the shock's eye to eye length while you're standing on it. Find the shock's stroke in the bike's manual or on the manufacturer's website.

Subtract the compressed shock eye to eye measurement (sagged) from the total shock eye to eye length to find the sag in mm. Then divide the sag by the shock's stroke and multiply it by 100 to get the sag percentage.

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