This pedal-powered Vauxhall Corsa is for sale on eBay for the third time

This might be the best £500 you spend all year

Much to my amusement, I've just discovered that this absolute gem is, once again, for sale on eBay

This is the third time the BikeCar has been listed on the world's favourite auction site since our own Oli spotted it way back in October 2016.

Priced at just £500, how could you possibly resist the temptation of buying this and razzing about town with three of your cycling buddies? Get bidding.

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I have just spotted this pedal-powered Corsa on eBay and think that it might just be the perfect last-minute Christmas present for the cyclist who has everything in their life.

This very same BikeCar was actually spotted by Oli Woodman back in October 2016, as reported on his car blog, 95Ron.

Well, whoever spent £950 on it back then has clearly got bored and it’s back online for £500.

The interior of the gutted out Corsa is... sparse.
The interior of the gutted out Corsa is... sparse.

The BikeCar is essentially just a Vauxhall Corsa — a car notoriously favoured by those who like to indulge in tasteless modding — that’s been gutted to the absolute bare minimum, with even the floor removed and replaced with a sheet of 9mm ply.

Passengers sit on foldable deck chairs
Passengers sit on foldable deck chairs

The BikeCar is powered by all four passengers, who perch upon foldable camping chairs that are bolted to the floor. 21 gears are controlled via a “centre control bar” between the front two passengers.

Check out the BikeCar in action!

The BikeCar rolls on four heavy-duty steel pit-bike wheels shod in what looks like a good all-around tread — perhaps you could even consider the odd off-road excursion in the car? Its hydraulic brakes are also borrowed from a pit bike.

The car has a full complement of electrics, including USB charging!
The car has a full complement of electrics, including USB charging!

But perhaps best of all, the car still has a fully working set of electrics, including the horn, LED headlights and even electric windows!

If you’ve got the space and spare cash, we reckon this might be the best/worst last-minute Christmas present out there.

Jack Luke

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