Canyon's approach to bicycle development is impressive — video

We speak to the team behind Canyon's road and mountain range

If there's one brand that stands out as having changed the global cycling market over the past ten years, it's arguably going to be Canyon. 

Its direct to consumer model has changed the landscape of purchasing bikes, as well as the value that can be gained. The range of bikes is broad, and in performance terms, impressive. 

We spent some time with the team in Koblenz, Germany digging deeper into how Canyon develops its bikes, chatting with product managers, engineers and those involved in logistics.

Check out the gallery of images for more, too.

Secret life of Canyon — the brains behind the bikes
Tom Marvin

Technical Editor, Tech Hub, UK
Tom's been riding for 15 years, and has always chopped and changed bikes as soon as his budget allowed. He's most at home in the big mountains, having spent nigh on 30 weeks riding the Alps, as well as having lived a stone's throw from the Scottish Highlands for four years. Tom also enjoys racing events like the Strathpuffer and the Trans Nepal.
  • Discipline: Mountain
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