Blur B1 light sensitive goggles review£44.99

Downhill optics

BikeRadar score3/5

The B1 goggle from Blur is jam-packed with all the essential features a downhill rider could want. The stylish, flexible frame will sit happily in any full-face lid and is cushioned with Blur’s four-layer face foam.

This offers a comfy, sweat-absorbing fleece liner that sits against your skin, making the fit spot-on. Plenty of venting and an anti-fog coating mean the light-sensitive, tear-off-ready lens does a good job of staying mist-free. That said, after a few cleans and plenty of sweating, it will inevitably begin to cloud up.

The lens doesn’t affect your field of vision and it takes the sting out of anything too bright, which is great for riding tracks that skip between open and wooded areas. On duller days we’d prefer something completely clear though, because this one will put a slightly darker tinge on things.

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