Bolle Draft sunglasses review£108.00

Clear optics

BikeRadar score4/5

Glasses that gave us 1989 flashbacks, the Draft’s big lenses were a hit with our testers. Get into an aero tuck and you can barely see the frame at the top of your vision. The mirrored B-Clear lenses are designed to reduce glare and keep your eyes strong in long periods in the saddle in the summer.

They weren’t the very sharpest lenses we’ve tried, but vision was good and clear, and they didn’t steam up at all (there are no vents, but a hydrophobic coating keeps them fog-free).

The adjustable nose piece and long strips of sticky rubber on the arms kept them in place well, too. The ‘medium/large fit’ was loose on female testers. They’re available in more toned-down colours.

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