Squire BWA2 wall anchor review£6.99

Low-security locking point

BikeRadar score3/5

The BWA2 is the most basic lock anchor point in Squire's range, and that's reflected in both the price and the low level of security provided.

It can be fitted quickly to both wooden and brick walls, and ball bearings are provided so you can hammer them into the heads of the two fixing bolts/screws to stop them being removed.

The shackle is made of 3mm thick hardened steel, which is better than nothing but isn't going to keep a thief armed with power tools at bay for long.

If you live in a high-risk area, this isn't the anchor for you – check out Squire's GA1 ground anchor instead, which has been awarded Sold Secure's motorcycle gold rating.

But if your bike is stored somewhere relatively secure, the BWA2 provides a handy locking point that will slow thieves down by an extra few seconds.

It's also useful as a secondary anchor – you can lock the bike's frame to a larger ground anchor and pass a cable lock through the BWA2 to secure the saddle or wheels.

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