Chapeau Ladies Classic Bib Shorts review£69.99

Super soft material and polka-dot design

BikeRadar score3/5

Adding polka dots to bib shorts is a risky move. Some dots will stretch wider in certain areas, potentially causing an extremely unflattering look. However, Chapeau pulls off polka dot bibs flawlessly with its Ladies Classic Bibs.

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Chapeau has only added these little white dots to the side panels, avoiding the potential design hazard, and as a result these bibs are both fun and flattering. However, flair only counts for so much when it comes to bib short reviews. The Ladies Classic bibs are also very comfortable with some of the softest materials of we've tested. I found ourselves regularly reaching for these bibs simply because they feel great against the skin.

The Chapeau bibs have a medium thickness chamois, making for a comfortable ride without a bulky feel. The seamless construction also added to the overall comfort by preventing pinching and chaffing in sensitive areas.

On the other hand, the Chapeau Classic Bibs leg bands are unfortunately less impressive. The thin cuff around each leg caused an unflattering sausage leg look.

While it wasn’t the worst case of this unwanted condition, I’d have preferred leg bands more like those on the Etxeondo and Bontrager bibs we tested alongside these. I also found them too thin, with a tendency to ride up the leg while pedalling. 

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