Pedro's tyre levers review£4.99

The best tyre levers out there

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Pedro's tyre levers have been a BikeRadar favourite for some time now and recently won our best tyre lever group test, but what is it that makes these modern classics so good?

To start, the shape of the levers is among the most refined out there — the chisel-shaped tip has a large radius, which is easy to scoop under the tyre bead. Rounded edges and a slippery finish also make it easy to slide the tyre off the rim with a single lever.

Though the levers lack the length of some other designs, the levers fit very comfortably in the palm, which allows you to exert extra force, making short work of most tyre/rim combinations.

We’ve also found that they'll last pretty much forever — whenever we encounter a particularly tricky tyre, we’ll always turn to our trusty Pedro's, knowing they’ll survive when most other levers would snap like a twig.

However, should you manage to snap one, you’ll be pleased to hear that Pedro's backs up its levers with a lifetime warranty. Though at £4.99 / $4.49 / €3.99/ AU$5.49 we suspect most will probably just order another set!

When the levers were first introduced, we were tempted to dismiss the pink colour as little more than clever marketing. However, we’ve found that the lairy colour options make it easy to spot them, whether in the toolbox or strewn across the lawn.

For those with less garish tastes, the levers are also available in yellow as well as high-visibility orange and green.

We have found that the tip is so long that it will occasionally slip under both beads, which can be a little confusing at first, but this is hardly a deal breaker.

Tyre levers really are not all the same and the clever design of the Pedro's tyre levers makes for comfortable, efficient tyre removal, which is only truly appreciated when returning to more traditional types.

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