GoXtreme Vision 4K action camera review£100.00

Rough and ready to go

BikeRadar score3/5

At £300 cheaper than the (former) benchmark GoPro HERO6 Black, you can’t argue with the price of GoXtreme’s Vision 4K.

The option to record Full HD footage at 60 frames per second, Ultra HD at 24fps and slow-mo at 120fps puts it up there with the competition, and after back-to-back testing, there are no complaints about image quality. 

Although it has built-in image stabilisation, this doesn’t seem quite as effective as on the GoPro, and videos recorded using helmet and chest mounts were noticeably jerkier. It doesn’t react to light changes quite as well as its more expensive competitor, either.

After back-to-back testing, there are no complaints about the image quality

The Vision 4K relies on a separate plastic case for its waterproofing, which means audio recording is muffled and its bleep alerts can be difficult to hear. 

Its button-operated controls are intuitive and the rear screen is useful for camera set-up and reviewing footage. Using the recommended OKCAM app, you can control recording and change settings via WiFi, although there’s a small amount of lag. 

It lets you download files to your phone, but you’ll need a different app to edit them.

There’s no particular aspect of the GoXtreme to single out for criticism — it does everything it’s supposed to do, just not in quite such a refined way as the more expensive competition.

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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