Ryders Shot Photochromic glasses review£47.00

Light and durable cycling sunglasses

BikeRadar score3/5

These sports sunglasses could be just the thing for the British summer. Their lenses are photochromic, so they lighten and darken according to changes in the weather. In practice, they darken far quicker than they lighten, but it’s still a great feature for changeable conditions.

They weigh a mere 22g, and have a nosepiece and arms made from hydrophilic rubber that gets grippier when dampened by sweat. You barely notice you’re wearing them because they weigh so little and don’t budge when you ride. 

The plastic frame is both flexible and durable, while the lenses are shatterproof and scratch resistant. The lenses are fairly small, and there’s a lack of wraparound coverage, though, so the glasses might be better suited to triathletes, who run as well as cycle.

Also, despite their photochromic qualities, we felt they made cloudy weather seem even duller than normal.

Otherwise, they worked really well in a variety of good light conditions.

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