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Canyon’s racy endurance bike

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Canyon’s road bikes are usually race-bred, and now disc brakes are allowed in UK road competition for 2018, you can pick from the whole range before pinning a number on.

  • The Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 is one of our Bike of the Year bikes for 2018. To read reviews of the other contenders and the categories tested across road, mountain and women's bikes, visit our Bike of the Year hub.

As well as an entry-level aluminium Endurace, there are three carbon models, with the CF and CF SLX flanking this SL model. With its 105 groupset, the Disc 7.0 is the cheapest SL bike, and although recent currency issues have seriously altered our perceptions of value, it’s still competitive.

My medium size bike has a claimed frame weight of 960g, which is good for a standard road bike (whatever that is), let alone one built to take more knocks. The complete bike comes in at 8.16kg, and with reasonably-priced wheels, groupset and finishing kit all accounting for a little extra weight, there’s definite upgrade potential.

Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 sizing

Canyon’s geometry chart recommends a medium frame for my 178cm height, in fact, it’s also the upper limit for riding a small, but with my usual saddle position set on the 25mm setback post, the distance from saddle nose to centre of the handlebar, or to the hoods, was 40mm less than usual.

The result, with the 100mm stem supplied, is far less reach than I'm used to, so it’s worth studying the geometry figures carefully. On reflection, I’d probably choose the large frame, with its 15mm longer top tube, 16mm taller head tube and 10mm longer stem, even though in theory, I'm too short.

Many endurance bikes offer less reach, but for one with ‘race’ in its title, I found my ability to stretch out compromised a little. Compared to Canyon’s Ultimate, the medium Endurace has a head angle just 0.3 degrees slacker, 5mm longer chainstays and 10mm longer wheelbase, which is still just 990mm, and a 9mm taller head tube. In this respect, Canyon has definitely kept things racy rather than lazy, and it feels obvious from the first ride.

Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 ride impressions

There’s a definite snap to the pedalling feel of the Endurace, with great response and light but solid steering. Excellent lateral stiffness ensures good drive from your grip on the handlebar to power delivery through the chainstays, with thru-axles tying the dropouts together for efficiency.

The enlarged frame clearances aren’t exactly baggy, but Continental’s Grand Prix 28mm tyres measure 31mm on the DT Swiss E1800 Spline wheelset, and both play a large part in the bike’s performance.

The E1800s aren’t super light, but at a claimed 1,655g, don’t act like anchors either. They’re 20mm wide internally and built tough, ideal for this bike’s intended usage. That extra tyre volume means that 80psi is more than enough on the road, and if heading on to rougher terrain for a while, lower pressures are easily possible too.

My medium bike weighed 8.16kg
My medium bike weighed 8.16kg

The well-rounded tyre profile maximises corner grip, and they’re great over broken roads or gravel. The confidence they add to the bike’s composed ride increases your speed everywhere, and their size improves comfort.

The slightly dropped, slim, bridgeless seatstays and VCLS seatpost produce a fairly plush ride at the rear, something the front end doesn’t quite match. It’s still good, mainly due to the tyre size, but is firmer.

Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 overall

The Endurace CF SL is a great place to be for long rides, and Shimano’s 105 is a great choice for good quality, reliable shifting, and now has hydraulic disc brakes. What Shimano’s 105-level hydraulic shifters lack in style, they make up for in comfort and typically fine function, but despite their looks, they don’t add any more reach than 105 mechanical hoods.

Gearing of 52/36 up front and an 11-32 cassette looks to cover all bases from racing to steep hill grinding, and it does, with no noticeable gaps. The emphasis is on performance and speed, and both are readily attainable, so long as you can live with the slight front/rear comfort imbalance and take the time to find the best size for you.

Canyon Endurace CF SL disc 7.0 price and availability

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