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Best known for its wacky and wild designs, Sydney-based Attaquer has come a long way from its zebra stripe and Fresh Prince of Bel Air inspired roots.

As part of its latest release, the Aussie brand sent over the All Day Kit for us to put through the paces. Featuring a jersey and shorts designed for comfort, it’s been in regular rotation over the past couple of months.

All Day Jersey

The All Day Jersey features a unique lightweight poly top cotton blend bottom
The All Day Jersey features a unique lightweight poly top cotton blend bottom

The All Day Jersey is one of the more plain tops Attaquer has ever made, and it's still pretty busy! The top half of the jersey and sleeves are made from a stretchy lightweight material that’s soft on the skin and breathes extremely well.

On the bottom is a slightly heavier ‘cotton blend fabric’ which is also extremely soft to the touch.  Yes, I can hear you, "cotton in a cycling jersey? Does it ever dry?" The answer is yes, the majority of the fabric is still polyester and such retains its properties.

As is becoming more popular with cycling kits the sleeves are extra long, in fact, they almost come down to my elbows. The trouble there is a thermo-bonded gripper at the bottom of the sleeve which is essentially a super-strong rubber band, and I'm no Schwarzenegger, but my biceps were too big to comfortably fit in the sleeves. It does its job no doubt and the sleeves do not bunch or ride in the slightest, but the gripper is not particularly comfortable.

The top half of the jersey is made from a super-lightweight fabric
The top half of the jersey is made from a super-lightweight fabric

The All Day Kit also sees a lower neckline, all but eliminating the ‘too tight at the collar choke’ we’ve all experienced when zipping a jersey all the way up.

It’s definitely a pro-cut jersey and if you’re not a pro-build take a close look at the size chart. The size small sample is a snug fit, but my personal preference is a tighter fitting kit.

Beyond the sleeve grippers, my only other complaint about the All Day Jersey is the size of the pockets. Admittedly I am a bit of a pack rat but the pockets are just not big enough if you’re carrying much more than a phone and some food. If you’re wearing arm or knee warmers and want to shed layers mid ride you’re going to have to sweat it out or stuff them down the back of the jersey. There’s also an internal radio pocket, though we can’t imagine it will get much use.

All Day Bibs

Attaquer has swapped to dual density chamois
Attaquer has swapped to dual density chamois

Some time ago Attaquer Co-Founder Greg Hamer said to me, “Everyone needs a good pair of black bibs.” These are them. Our sample bibs featured only two white logos, though there’s also a version with clear logos to please those who really don’t like the brand wearing them. The understated aesthetic also means they can we worn with pretty much any jersey.

Since the last Attaquer kit we looked at, it has changed the chamois to a much more comfortable two-piece, multi-density pad, one which remains pleasant after long hours in the saddle.

It's a simple design, but it works
It's a simple design, but it works

The four-panel bibs themselves are made from a lightweight and soft on the skin fabric that provides comfortable compression. Although with the fabric being so lightweight, initially, I feared it may not be long before the All Day Bibs don't pass the "can you see my butt crack if you're on my wheel test.” But so far after months of testing, none of my wheel sucking buddies has complained, and Attaquer Co-Founder Stevan Musulin has assured me no one has raised this issue with the bibs since their release a few years back.

The shorts feature a pro cut and like the sleeves the legs are cut quite long so you don’t end up with the Thomas Voeckler short shorts look. Attaquer has also updated its bib straps, they’re lightweight, plenty stretchy and soft on the skin. On the back, the straps also have dual radio pockets, although like the jersey they probably won’t get much use.

Attaquer’s everyday kit isn’t cheap (in Australia at least) priced at £105 / $133/ AU$190 for the jersey and £150 / $186 / AU$280 for the bibs, but for those who want to ride in style and comfort it's a small price to pay.

Colin Levitch

Staff Writer, Australia
Originally from Denver, Colorado, Colin now resides in Sydney, Australia. Holding a media degree, Colin is focused on the adventure sport media world. Coming from a ski background, his former European pro father convinced him to try collegiate crit racing. Although his bright socks say full roadie, he enjoys the occasional mountain bike ride, too.
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