DHB Women’s Aeron Pro Halterneck bib shorts review£50.00

Comfortable halter-top bibs design at a great price

BikeRadar score3.5/5

DHB’s Aeron Pro Halterneck Bibs offer the same bathroom break accessibility as Giro’s Ride Halter Bibs but with a smaller price tag. The halter-top strap design lets you keep your jersey on when stopping for a nature break so you can get back to riding more quickly.

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A brand sold solely through online cycling and running retailer Wiggle, DHB produce an extensive range of women's road cycling clothing to suit most budgets. The Aeron Pro Halterneck bib is part of their performance range which uses more high tech fabrics, more robust production techniques, and featuring a more compressive fabric in the body of the garment than other dhb shorts

Unlike the halter neck design on the Giro Halter bib shorts, DHB doesn’t include a mesh built-in base layer, which means the halter straps start lower on the shorts. This caused a bit more pressure on our neck where the straps connect from each side. However, the strap material is soft and stretchy so even with the added pressure, we didn’t experience any chaffing or extensive rubbing.

Moving to the other end of the bibs, dhb's elastic leg bands were comfortable and kept the shorts securely in place. While the elastic bands and looser leg paneling materials differ quite a bit, they actually worked well together and didn’t cause any unwelcome bulging.

The Aeron Pro Halterneck bibs were an all-around middling pair of bibs. They didn’t wow us in the same way as some of the more expensive bibs tested, but they also didn’t disappoint. As one of the least expensive bibs we tested, dhb’s Aeron Pro Halterneck Bibs are a great value for a comfortable pair of bibs for everyday riding.  

Kristen is a former professional triathlete, current elite cyclists, and lives for two-wheeled adventures the world over. She was one of six women to ride the entire Tour de France in 2012 as part of the women's Rêve Tour team. Besides riding and writing about bikes, Legan also coaches with APEX Coaching out of Boulder, Colorado.
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