Etxeondo Women’s Olaia Bib Shorts review£100.00

Comfortable and secure leg bands keep everything in place – even leg warmers

BikeRadar score4/5

Etxeondo Women’s Olaia Bib Shorts stand out because of the flattering leg bands that kept the bibs from riding up during testing, without squeezing or pulling on the skin. The bands even kept knee and leg warmers securely in place without causing 'sausage legs'.

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With a medium thickness chamois, the Etxeondo bibs were comfortable for all kinds of riding. The chamois has plenty of padding for a long or bumpy ride, but it didn’t feel bulky when sprinting in and out of the saddle.

While we usually love the comfortable feel of laser cut straps, the Olaia strap design didn’t work for us. The strap starts as a single piece that travels up the midline of the body, over the sternum, and then splits into two straps that go over the shoulders. This single strap up the middle felt awkward and it splits too close to the neck, which caused added pressure on the shoulders.

The Olaia are the top of the range model for women's bib shorts from Etxeondo. The cheaper Bikona women's bib shorts echo the cut and style of the Olaia but with different fabrics and production techniques; for example, hemmed rather than laser cut shoulder straps. 

Despite the awkward strap design, the Etxeondo Olaia Bibs are some of the most comfortable and flattering bibs we've tested for more budget conscious riders. They are also one of the strongest options out there for year-round cycling, since they work so well with leg warmers. Therefore, they've made our top 5 mid-range women's bib shorts list.

Kristen is a former professional triathlete, current elite cyclists, and lives for two-wheeled adventures the world over. She was one of six women to ride the entire Tour de France in 2012 as part of the women's Rêve Tour team. Besides riding and writing about bikes, Legan also coaches with APEX Coaching out of Boulder, Colorado.
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