FFWD summer jersey review£53.00

Stylish and lightweight at a great price

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The first thing to note about FFWD's Craft-manufactured summer jersey is the price. It has all the hallmarks of a garment twice the cost, which is a rare thing indeed these days.

It's made from an extremely lightweight mesh material, which is even more airy on the upper rear. The benefit to this, as we found on a recent trip to a balmy Mallorca, is that it keeps you extremely cool in warm, muggy weather. 

The downside, as a number of our party found to their cost, is that the back panel doesn't provide 100 percent UV protection. If you're not wearing a base layer, which in all likelihood you won't be given the conditions this jersey is designed for, sun cream is a must.

The jersey is available in this FFWD-themed colour scheme only – an appealing mix of bright red, black and white. It also has a full-length zip, essential for cooling off on mountainous climbs, and a well-fitting cut.

The ffwd jersey from the rear:
The ffwd jersey from the rear:

There are pros and cons to the FFWD jersey's mesh back

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