Magura reviews and news

Magura reviews and news

German brakes and suspension

Magura is a German manufacturer of brakes and suspension forks. Founded in 1893 by Gustav Magenwirth, Magura also produces brakes for motorcycles and equipment for industrial applications. In 1987 Magura introduced the first hydraulic rim brake system for mountain biking. The company began producing disc brakes for mountain bikes in 1997. The first model, the Gustav, was a scaled-down version of one of Magura's motorcycle brake systems.

While best known for producing brakes and suspension forks for off-road use, Magura, working in conjunction with Cervélo, recently developed hydraulic rim brakes for use on time trial bikes, such as Cervélo's P5.

BikeRadar's Magura page brings you all the latest news and reviews of Magura products such as the TS8 and TS6 forks, MT6 disc brake, and the latest hydraulic road brake technology.

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The Durin fork is Magura s latest short travel fork

The new Durin fork fills the 100mm, lightweight XC gap rather nicely. Described as a race weapon the Durin doesn't look like your regular waiflike XC fork, which is bad thing in our opinion.

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