Pro bike gallery: What the pros ride

Pro bike gallery  What the pros ride

Detailed looks at the machines of the professionals

In our Pro bike features, we bring you detailed looks at exactly what componentry the pros are using. We often capture these bikes at races around the world, but sometimes we can dig up unique machines at rider's homes, such as this total beater of a commuter bike.

Although pro team mechanics are often hesitant to let us weigh the bikes, most of our Pro bike features include the complete bike weight in addition to the exact geometry measurements for things like saddle height, reach and handlebar drop.

While most of the Pro bikes are true to their sponsors' specifications, we often find non-sponsor-correct pieces that riders or mechanics prefer for whatever reason. These are often crudely concealed with permanent marker. Sometimes you can pick up simple tricks, such as eliminating valve rattle with a little electrical tape.

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