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Clif Bar


Chewy, tasty energy bar that works on the bike or as a meal replacement

Alcohol has benefits  but it s easy to cross the line and impair your performance

It might feel like it makes you go faster, but what does alcohol really do for your cycling? Dr Chris Fenn investigates.

Nutrition   Bread of Heaven

Bread is a good basic carbohydrate food for cyclists, so why then do most people feel so lethargic and sapped of energy after eating it?

Will this help

Reach for a pint of milk in a supermarket and you'll find that the dairy counter has been bugged. Probiotic drinks such as Actimel and Yakult, as well as the supermarket's own versions of these, seem to promise instant health from 'gulps of goodness'.


For most of us, hunger is what drives us to eat. The rest of the time we eat because we enjoy it and sharing food with others is a social event. If we overeat one day after an especially good meal.

Two finger Kit Kat

A cereal or chocolate bar is convenient and can provide an energy boost before or during a ride. The food inside is often very concentrated - providing a lot of calories in just a few, quick bites.

Wheat based cereals are a better choice

Time is precious and if you live life at a fast pace, you probably like to grab a quick snack in-between rides or before cycling to work. However, if your idea of refuelling is to eat a bowl of breakfast cereal

Tomatoes contain plenty of cancer beating lycopene

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men, but what you eat can play a part in the prevention of the disease. Chris Fenn takes a look at the evidence...

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