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Ride hard

Don’t just ride for the win or because you have to – ride for fun, says Jerry White, because happy cyclists keep riding for longer

Taking stock

It's time to assess your riding and focus your training effectively


Success is a funny old thing to quantify. What for one rider can be a performance worthy of celebration, can for another be a cause of misery. Obviously, different riders should have different goals relative to their standar, but defining success for yourself is about reflecting on what motivates you and gaining an understanding of what to focus on in preparing for your riding.


One of the most pervasive questions facing psychology researchers, as with many other branches of science, concerns the degree to which a particular outcome is due to nature, and the extent to which it is the result of environmental factors


Don't waste time worrying about lucky socks, says Jerry White, concentrate on real reasons for good or bad performance. Superstitions are silly things - behaviours with no basis in logic but born of tradition or routine.


When the days grow a little longer and the beginning of the season draws nearer, minds start to turn to those early events that will give you a sense of how your winter riding has gone.

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