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World time trial champion Fabian Cancellara knows about drag

From your clothing choice to where you hold on to your handlebars, it all affects your speed and how much you're hindered by headwinds. Take the time to tweak some equipment choices, vary your riding position and try to use other riders to beat the wind. It doesn't get any easier, you just go faster - or get home earlier!


I'm worried about losing my hard earned fitness, how can I do some safe exercise post op?

Pedal back the years

Perhaps your riding is helping you beat the clock, holding back the years and giving you a chronological advantage. But on the other hand, if you don't treat yourself well, cycling could be adding a few years to your real age

Eating fresh fruit and veggies helps stave off winter bugs

Don't let winter coughs and colds spoil your riding. Here's how to keep those germs at bay

Some simple riding techniques can really boost your fitness

Following on from our guide to healthy riding here are three simple riding techniques that will boost your fitness, give you an on-bike workout and help you establish your training zones if you want to take things further


Q: Pro riders get a massage to rid their legs of residual lactic acid after a ride. So what is the best way to get rid of it at home without assistance?


Q: I was wondering if you could provide some advice. Whenever I cycle for long periods - and sometimes even short trips - I suffer from sore and painful thighs. This is particularly acute when cycling up hills, which makes sense, but is something that many of my fellow cyclists do not seem to suffer from.

There should be little difference between the sexes in training techniques

As a female cyclist I wondered if I should be following all the training/fitness/nutritional advice that BikeRadar offers


Exercise is crucial in order to stay healthy and it's what our bodies were designed for - so get out and ride...


You and your bike should dovetail together, so that you get the best ride possible and the bike maximises its potential. 'Man and machine in perfect harmony', to use an over-used phrase. By tweaking your position, getting some work done or yourself

Covering big distances in the hills can be as simple as 1 2 3

How to train for fitness and fun rather than for racing glory.You can achieve big things if you plan your goals, eat right and manage your time carefully.


Are you ever totally comfortable on your bike? Strange to ask it but some people ride their whole life thinking discomfort is an inherent part of riding. Not so.

For cyclists a warm up and warm down may be more beneficial than stretching

Is warming up and stretching really necessary for injury-free cycling? And what does cooling down actually achieve? Joe Beer explains...Warming up and cooling down are fixed in the folklore of exercise.

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