Tusk Mammoth 300 review

Inexpensive but effective security anchor

BikeRadar score5/5

Cycle theft is an emotive subject but beating the thieves needn't cost a fortune with this bike storage anchor that has an in-built security hoop. 

The Mammoth is made from robust plate steel that is neatly welded and it is available in red or black complete with plastic sleeves over the 'tusks' to protect your bike's paintwork. 

Instead of the usual screws, Rawlbolts are supplied to fix it to the wall of your choice-the 12mm masonry drill bit required costs around £3 from DIY stores. The Rawlbolts anchor the mammoth to the wall very securely indeed and a built-in steel hoop provides a means of locking the bike.

The Mammoth can be pressed into service as a bike stand simply by turning the bike's handlebars through 90 degrees and by wrapping elasticated hooks around the top tube to stop it moving around. 

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