Updated: Elite Sior bottle cage review

Team-developed carbon cage

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Elite's latest addition to the bottle cage arena is the impressively light Sior, which has been developed in conjunction with the Cervélo Test Team.

It will appeal to the weight conscious, with the 3K carbon fibre and titanium cage weighing just 27g and its bolts and washers a further 6g. But while making a lightweight bottle cage isn't hard, making one that actually works is more of a challenge.

Our initial testing found the cage to be quite secure. The addition of a carbon fibre wrapped titanium harness over the side tabs helped prevent our bottles from flying out over rough roads.

This is no doubt a result of the feedback from Cervélo and other professional teams, as the cobbled races they do are typically the severest test of a bottle cage's holding ability.

Although the Sior made reaching for and replacing 500 and 750cl bottles easy and intuitive, we struggled to get a 1l Zefal Magnum bottle into it. When full, the Magnum's wider diameter was a little too much for the titanium arch, which made it a real struggle to pull out of the cage.

The most painful part of this cage is the price. It retails for £59.99 – not the most expensive cage on the market, but it's definitely up there.

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