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Protect your bike during your travels

BikeRadar score3.5/5

With an aluminium roll cage and a heavy-duty ripstop shell, The Savage is a hybrid of a soft bike bag and a hard case.

Your bike clips into two padded inserts within the roll cage; one that sits under the bottom bracket and another that slides over the fork lowers.

The handlebar (removed from the stem) slides into a holder on the back of the fork protector, where it’s separated from the frame by another pad.

Both wheels fit easily into expanding pouches on each side, which have in-built plastic panels to keep the brake rotors safe. The Savage can accommodate wheelbases up to 1,300mm.

The Savage features an internal roll cage
The Savage features an internal roll cage

Loading your bike is a quick and simple process but, because some of the bag’s protection comes from the outer fabric being under tension, it takes a bit of grunt to pull the ‘shoulders’ over the frame so you can zip it up.

In transit, the bag holds its shape well and the wide-spaced wheels give it stability. Four chunky handles make it easy to drag around, which is lucky, because at 12.12kg (unladen) it isn’t light. The weight means that once you put a bike in, there isn’t much airline baggage allowance left for adding spares.

Once you get home, the roll cage is collapsible for storage. The sides of the bag can then be folded in and lashed down to make it more compact.

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