KS LEV Integra dropper post review

Smooth stop-anywhere seatpost

BikeRadar score3/5

The KS LEV Integra is an internally routed, cable actuated dropper seatpost that offers 150mm (5.9in) of stop-anywhere height adjustment at the touch of a small lever mounted on the handlebar.

Initially, we suffered some problems courtesy of the cable junction at the base of the post. When trying to perform any kind of maintenance, the cable would snag on the frame and come undone, preventing the post from working. Thankfully KS acknowledged the problem and issued an upgraded cable junction to remedy it.

Actuation does require a little more force through the lever than on some other droppers, but the action of the post throughout its travel is super smooth. Like other cable-operated posts, it can take a bit of weight in the right place to get it moving south.

On the trail, the Integra has been a pleasure to use, consistently delivering a precise and smooth action. We’re big fans of the neat remote lever too – the narrow clamp makes it easy to get it just where you want it on the bar without it interfering with the position of your other controls, no matter what brand of brake and shifter you’re running.

Olly Forster

Staff Writer, UK
Olly started riding in '94 after reading Mountain Biking UK as a teenager, and by '97 he'd done his first downhill race. Having worked in the bike industry since 2000 in a range of roles, he's still as hungry as ever to test new kit and explore fresh trails.
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 178cm / 5'10"
  • Weight: 82kg / 180lb
  • Discipline: Mountain
  • Preferred Terrain: Downhill and trail
  • Beer of Choice: Sierra Nevada IPA

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