7iDP Project knee pads review$120.00

Comfy pads for added protection on the trail

BikeRadar score3/5

The 7iDP Project knee pads have been designed to provide downhill-level protection in a lightweight, pedalling-friendly package.

The stretchy knitted sleeve houses a SAS-TEC foam insert, which hardens upon impact. An external bonded rubber knee cap adds further protection.

The sleeve material is called ‘ProKnit’ and is said to offer better breathability, durability and comfort than Lycra. Here, it’s been woven into panels that give differing levels of support and elasticity where required.

The sleeve extends higher up the thigh than on most pads, where it’s secured with a double-ended Velcro strap. While the Projects are some of the comfiest pads I’ve worn, the fit doesn’t work for everyone.

Some testers reported that they stayed in place just fine, but others found that the strap and sleeve started working their way down the leg, despite the silicone gripper strip around the upper opening.

The SAS-TEC knee cup isn’t heavily curved, like on some pads, so it sits quite flat on the leg. The shallow moulding also means that protection around the top and sides of the knee doesn’t match that of the robust front panel.

While the variable-knit sleeve has potential, these pads would benefit from a wraparound knee cup. They’re pricey too.

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