OneUp EDC tool system review$119.00

A smart solution for your essential tools

BikeRadar score4.5/5

OneUp’s EDC (Everyday Carry) system is a unique storage solution that lets you keep essential tools inside your fork’s steerer tube. It replaces your headset top cap and star nut with a plastic sleeve housing a multi-tool, a tyre lever/chain tool/spoke key combo and a screw-on storage canister ($59). 

However, the sticking point (which may put some people off), is that you have to use a special hollow headset top cap ($25), which requires you to tap a thread into your steerer tube. OneUp sells the required tap kit for $35. If you don’t want to thread your steerer, the tool sleeve will also fit inside one of its EDC pumps ($55 or $59), which can be mounted to a bottle cage or thrown into your riding pack.

Although a daunting prospect, I found threading the steerer to be easy, thanks to the cleverly designed tap and the easy-to-follow instructional video on OneUp’s website. 

OneUp have squeezed an impressive number of tools into the compact 111g package

The hollow top cap is then screwed in using a cassette lockring tool, in order to preload the headset bearings. During the testing, this system proved just as effective as a conventional star nut set-up. The EDC sleeve is held in place by a rubber seal.I had no problems with it coming loose when riding, although the multi-tool on our sample did rattle slightly within the sleeve.

When you want to use the tool, you have to pull/twist the sleeve out of the steerer using the small thumb tab at the top. This would be less fiddly if the tab was slightly bigger.

OneUp has squeezed an impressive number of tools into the compact 111g package. Besides a T25 Torx wrench and seven Allen keys, there’s a master-link ‘breaker’ that works with 10 and 11-speed chains. 

Notches on the side of this tool also allow you to tighten the top cap without carting a cassette tool around. Being so small, the multi-tool doesn’t offer much leverage, but it’s no worse than other similarly sized options. 

The storage canister is big enough to house zipties, puncture patches or an emergency fiver. It can also be replaced with a CO2 cartridge (up to 20g). Unfortunately, there’s then nowhere to store the inflator head, so you have to remember to carry one separately.

Overall, the EDC is an impressive bit of kit that ensures you’re never without the essentials on a ride, so long as you’ve got a spare tube stashed somewhere too.

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