YT Jeffsy 29 CF wins Trail Bike of the Year 2018

One of the most fun bikes we've ever tested makes the top spot

The YT Jeffsy 29 CF has been crowned our 2018 Trail Bike of the Year.

A characterful ride made us keep going back for one last lap
A characterful ride made us keep going back for one last lap

BikeRadar has teamed up with Mountain Biking UK magazine to put together one of the biggest comparative bike tests around, covering both trail bikes and enduro bikes.

With over 30 contenders, and with two eventual winners in their respective categories, the BikeRadar and Mountain Biking UK teams have had a hard winter of testing.

In the trail bike category, 16 bikes priced between £2,600–£3,350 / $3,000–$4,500, and with rear wheel suspension travel limited at 145mm, battled for the top spot, with each bike being subjected to hours of testing on wildly varying terrain.

A characterful ride made us keep going back for one last lap

The Jeffsy loves a bit of airtime
The Jeffsy loves a bit of airtime

While flat-out downhill speed was critical in the enduro bike test, what we looked for in the trail bike category was a bike that's capable on the climbs, confident on the descents and, overall, simply made us want to get out and ride.

It was with this in mind that the YT Jeffsy 29 CF was chosen as our Trail Bike of the Year. With a ride that lets you take it to the edge, yet safely brings you back under control, the Jeffsy proved to be the most enjoyable to ride on the widest range of trails.

Chief trail bike tester Tom Marvin says: "Nobody who slung a leg over the Jeffsy came back disappointed — its infectious ride character begs you to come back for more. You can guarantee that you'll get back from your ride with a grin as wide as the bars. What's more, it still displays the great value for money we've come to expect from YT."

A hard fought victory

The Jeffsy didn't have an easy way to the top. Here are some of its closest competitors, each great in their own way:

BikeRadar would like to thank Life Cycle Adventures, Sanremo Bike Resort, MET Helmets, Bluegrass Eagle Protection, Mercedes Benz and Brittany Ferries for their help and support during our Bike of the Year test.

Tom Marvin

Technical Editor, Tech Hub, UK
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