BikeRadar's Headline Bikes for 2018

BikeRadar s Headline Bikes for 2018

Our top picks for 2018

Throughout the year we're lucky enough to ride hundreds of different bikes from across the entire spectrum of cycling. Some are great, some perfectly good, some downright awful, but we try to give you the lowdown on as many as possible.

But what if we could condense all these into a key hit-list of bikes that you should look to consider if you're planning to equip yourself with a new bicycle in 2018? Well, over the past 11 days that's what we've tried to do with our Headline 2018 Bikes testing and features.

Each of the bikes we've reviewed on BikeRadar since Christmas have a particular story behind them and are bikes that we believe to be key in their sector.

For example, we've tested the Bird Aeris AM 9, which is Bird's first ever 29er enduro bike — and it comes packed with a stonking amount of kit for the money — but the key thing is that it's where geometry may well be heading into the future. So as well a review of the bike there's a feature on geometry too to give you a fuller picture.

Likewise, we've tested the superb Trek Emonda SLR Disc Di2 Project One.

Yes, it's a superbike with a price tag to match, but it's the top model of an extensive family of Emondas which reaches right down to the most affordable price points.

What did we like about this one? Well, even up to this super high-end level the bike is specced with in-house Bontrager kit, so we've also explored whether using own-label finishing kit and wheels is a way to penny pinch or a genuine way to ensure that the quality of the kit hanging off your frame matches that of the frame itself.

Below are all the reviews (including videos) and features about our Headline 2018 Bikes, so if you've missed a few, sit down with a brew and have a read and a watch.

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